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OSRAM SYLVANIA Introduces Quicktronic Icetron 100W Dimming System

OSRAM SYLVANIA has announced the QUICKTRONIC ICETRON 100W Dimming System, available to meet forthcoming control requirements in exterior lighting applications as well as to bring increased flexibility and light level adjustability for its 100W ICETRON induction lamp.

The QUICKTRONIC ICETRON 100W Dimming System offers two modes of control functionality–continuous dimming and step dimming–with a range of 100 to 40 percent power. These enhancements to the QUICKTRONIC ICETRON system meet controls requirements found in forthcoming energy code updates, such as CA Title 24, and deliver increased energy savings and design flexibility when compared with fixed power output systems. The electronic ballast is UL Type 2 wet location Listed, RoHS compliant and features IEEE/ANSI C62.41 Category C line transient protection, eliminating the need for additional surge suppression. Other benefits of the QUICKTRONIC ICETRON 100W Dimming System include reduced ballast weight, quiet operation and instant-on/instant re-strike, eliminating any delay when powering up the system. Like all ICETRON lamp and ballast pairings, the new dimming system is covered by OSRAM SYLVANIA’s QUICK60+® System Warranty of 5 years.

For more information about this product, contact OSRAM SYLVANIA.

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