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OPTOTRONIC Multi-Channel Dimmable Constant Current LED Power Supplies by OSRAM SYLVANIA

The OPTOTRONIC multi-channel dimmable family by OSRAM SYLVANIA consists of highly efficient, constant current, multiple-channel 100W and 150W LED power supplies. They are available in preset output currents between 350mA and 900mA for the 100W and between 700mA and 2100mA for the 150W. The four channel 100W comes in a standard T5 fluorescent ballast housing, less than 1 in. tall. The 150W comes in a standard T8 short can housing and is available in two or four output channels. Both lines have built-in 0-10V dimming enabling direct integration and operation with standard dimmers, sensors, as well as energy and light-management systems.

These dimmable power supplies offer wider range of constant current configurations with multiple channels – One power supply to operate up to 4 modules in a luminaire. They are ideal for downlights, wall wash, recessed troffers, indirect/direct pendants and low bay/high bay luminaires.

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