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Niagara AX Driver Enhances Integration of Lighting with HVAC and Building Systems to Conserve Energy and Lower Operating Costs

In a solution made for these challenging economic times, Encelium Technologies has announced that building owners and management can expect lower operating costs and a better return on investment through technology that enables the integration of the company’s Energy Control System (ECS) with Tridium’s Niagara AX building automation software platform. The dramatically improved integration of HVAC and other embedded devices with lighting is made possible by the Niagara AX Driver, according to Tony Marano, President and CEO of Encelium.

“Our customers have been asking us for a cost-efficient and effective way to address energy conservation,” said Marano. “The Niagara AX Driver, working in conjunction with ECS, gives us the ability to reduce consumption across building-wide systems and does so with meaningful cost savings.”

Encelium’s advanced energy management and lighting control system has made it a leader in the design and installation of intelligent building systems. The use of the ECS system contributes significantly to a building achieving the coveted U U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification. The Niagara AX system creates a common environment to which virtually any embedded device may be connected and the Niagara AX Driver ties it all together.

Highlights of the Niagara AX Driver include:

· Enables automatic switching and dimming control in response to demand from within the AX platform. Provides load shedding control over lighting based on lighting status, lighting levels and occupancy information.

· Shares occupancy information obtained by ECS to integrate HVAC control with occupancy.

· Notifies ECS of an emergency through an alarm system that turns all building lights on.

“We are at the forefront of energy management and conservation in building integrated lighting control systems for commercial buildings,” said Marano. “The Niagara AX Driver further solidifies that position and fuels the promise of even more innovation in the future.”

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