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New WattStopper Universal Room Controller Dims Lighting, Including LEDs, for Code Compliance And More


WattStopper has launched new universal dimming room controllers for line voltage lighting loads. The versatile devices can control virtually all load types including LEDs, and are part of the company’s Digital Lighting Management (DLM) suite of intelligent controls. With the addition of the new room controllers, DLM offers customers sophisticated energy saving control solutions for virtually every space type. Applications include daylight harvesting, lumen maintenance and scene control in areas from classrooms to offices, conference rooms, restaurants and galleries.

As more jurisdictions adopt new energy codes (ASHRAE 90.1-2010 and IECC 2012), professionals must comply with multi-level control mandates. WattStopper’s universal dimming room controllers provide easy-to-implement multi-level control solutions while also accommodating a variety of lighting types within each space. When a building-wide energy management system is in place, the devices communicate via BACnet with a building automation system for control, reporting and demand response.

The one load LMRC-221 and two load LMRC-222 (shown above) Digital Universal Dimming Room Controllers mount in the plenum and provide distributed control for LEDs, magnetic low voltage, electronic low voltage, neon/cold cathode, dimmable two-wire or three-wire fluorescent, or incandescent lighting loads. The LMRC-222 can control a different type of load on each output. Advanced features include three selectable dimming curves for each load as well as programmable trim levels and fade times. Dimming parameters may be conveniently customized from a wireless handheld configuration tool that can also be used to set up lighting scenes.

WattStopper’s DLM control suite includes on/off room controllers, 0-10V dimming room controllers and plug load controllers as well as occupancy sensors, photosensors, lighting control panels and more. In addition to the new universal room controllers, WattStopper is also launching five new DLM occupancy sensors including passive infrared (PIR) and dual technology low voltage wall switch sensors and an enhanced coverage ultrasonic ceiling sensor. Digital Lighting Management devices plug together using pre-terminated Cat 5e cabling, reducing installation time over 50% when compared to analog controls.

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