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New Square D® High-Bay HID Occupancy Sensors Facilitate More Effective Energy Management Capabilities, User Customization

Square D high-bay occupancy sensorsNew Square D® High Bay HID Occupancy Sensors from Schneider Electric facilitate more effective energy management for owners and managers of commercial facilities with high ceilings that use high-intensity discharge (HID) luminaires, like commercial, industrial and retail buildings, and warehouses and distribution centers. Using passive infrared (PIR) technology, the occupancy sensors reduce lamp wattage by approximately 50 percent when an area is vacant, then increase to 100 percent when occupancy is detected in an aisle or room. Available in basic, single- and dual-output formats, the sensors also are compatible with single magnetic HID luminaires rated between 208VAC and 480VAC without adding taps or jumpers.

“Lighting occupies a substantial portion of the electric bill for many facilities, particularly factories, warehouses and big-box retail outlets, as much as 30 percent or more,” said Scott Jordan, Schneider Electric product marketing manager. “Square D High Bay HID Occupancy Sensors from Schneider Electric help a facility manager greatly reduce electrical consumption and costs by lowering light levels in unoccupied areas, but quickly increasing light levels when a worker or customer enters a particular area.”

Facility managers can easily contour Square D High Bay HID Occupancy Sensors to their workflow or customer traffic patterns. The availability of three formats means the sensors may be used to control single fixtures separately or group several fixtures to provide area or aisle control. Installation and commissioning convenience is facilitated by a manual test switch for self-diagnostics that also assists with debugging.

Square D High Bay HID Occupancy Sensors feature a user-adjustable timer that allows lights to return to 50 percent illumination between one and 15 minutes after activity has been detected, while a user-adjustable range dial adjusts PIR sensitivity. The sensors also are available with interchangeable aisle and area lenses.

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