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New Square D® Commercial Occupancy Sensors Provide Multiple Options for Energy Savings and Code Compliance

New Square D® Commercial Occupancy Sensors Provide Multiple=New occupancy sensors have been introduced to the Square D® lighting control line for commercial applications, including two new Passive infrared (PIR) wall box switch replacement sensors and three new ceiling-mount sensors, including PIR, ultrasonic and dual technology versions. Employing various sensor technologies, these highly versatile sensors reduce energy costs, help achieve energy code compliance and prolong the life of a lighting system’s lamps and ballasts.

“Different types of technology in occupancy sensors are required for different applications,” said Jeff Murley, Business Development Manager. The announcement also includes two new power pack units for the lighting control line. “With these new additions, building owners are able to fine-tune their lighting control systems to save energy and meet energy codes for new construction and major renovations.”

The two new PIR wall switch replacement sensors are both 120/277 Vac, and cover a 180-degree area with a 300 sq. ft. range of minor motion detection. They come in two decorative colors for wall mounting, white and ivory, and are compatible with all magnetic and electronic ballasts.

New Square D® Commercial Occupancy Sensors Provide Multiple=The new ceiling-mount sensors are available in three versions: one equipped with PIR sensor technology, another with ultrasonic sensor technology and a third with both PIR and ultrasonic technologies. The new PIR and ultrasonic ceiling sensors offer 360-degree coverage and LED motion indicators, and have a coverage area of 1,000 or 2,000 sq. ft, with adjustable sensitivity settings.

The dual technology ceiling-mount sensor offers a 360-degree coverage area with sensitivity adjustment. In addition, it’s equipped with dual LED motion indicators – a green LED for ultrasonic motion and a red LED for infrared motion. Its combined detection range is 1,000 sq. ft. in PIR and 2,000 sq. ft. in ultrasonic. The ultrasonic sensor has no blind spots or gaps in the coverage pattern making it more sensitive to movement.

New Square D® Commercial Occupancy Sensors Provide Multiple=Additionally, power pack units for use with the ceiling-mount sensors are being introduced, a dual-voltage power pack as well as a slave power pack. The dual-voltage pack comes equipped with a slide switch to select 120 or 277 Vac operation. It has a contact rating of 20A for ballast and 15A for incandescent bulbs. A slave power pack unit is also available to provide switching for additional circuits.

The sensor and power pack units are compatible with the Web-enabled Square D® Powerlink® G3 3000 level lighting control system from Schneider Electric, which provides convenience, simplicity and energy savings via a desktop PC. From a standard Web browser, facility managers can quickly make changes to their system without having to rely on a dedicated workstation running proprietary software. In addition, the sensors can be used in both system and stand-alone applications, meaning that a building can be retrofitted with the sensors without using a Powerlink panel.

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