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New Square D® Commercial Grade Wall Switch Occupancy sensors

New Square D® Commercial Grade Wall Switch occupancy sensors, which are available in an ultrasonic/passive infrared (PIR) dual-technology format along with an ultrasonic-only model, are designed to maximize energy savings with virtually no adjustment required. Available in single- and dual-circuit configurations, the sensors employ patent-pending, adaptive technology that minimizes the occurrence of nuisance events like lights turning off in occupied spaces or turning on in unoccupied areas, which could require time-consuming follow-up visits from an electrical contractor for adjustment. The sensors also feature a walk-through mode, which detects when an area is briefly occupied and turns lights off based on a shorter time delay. Dual-circuit wall switches feature a lamp-saver mode that reduces lighting maintenance by automatically alternating A and B lighting groups in bi-level lighting applications required by some energy codes.

“Square D Commercial Grade Wall Switch occupancy sensors can play a crucial role in maximizing energy savings for commercial building owners by automatically turning lights off when they aren’t needed in areas as diverse as offices, private restrooms and employee break rooms,” said Scott Jordan, product marketing manager, Square D lighting control. “They are also a solid choice for irregularly shaped offices, small multistall restrooms and patient examination rooms. Best of all, they install quickly in a standard wall box, without the need for a neutral connection to the box.”

Jordan says false-on and false-off nuisance events occur primarily due to misapplication or inadequate commissioning of occupancy sensors, and hinder occupant acceptance of the technology as well as prompting costly contractor callbacks for adjustments. Adaptive technology allows new Square D Commercial Grade Wall Switch dual-technology and ultrasonic occupancy sensors to quickly adapt to occupancy patterns with a simple and reliable algorithm, thus minimizing nuisance events while, at the same time, achieving maximum energy savings.

The ultrasonic sensor detects major motion up to 27 feet and minor motion up to 20 feet. This is replicated on the dual-technology model, with PIR major motion detection at 35 feet and minor motion detection at 20 feet. The availability of two-circuit models can help achieve bi-level lighting control in offices and conference rooms where it is required by local code.

The sensors are available in a variety of colors to fit any decor, including white, ivory, gray, light almond and black. A multisegmented lens matches the switch body and cover plate to provide a sleek, uniform appearance. Further convenience is facilitated by selectable auto-on and manual-on modes, with a convenient push button for manual control.

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