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New Lutron Technology Provides Significant Advancement in Occupancy-Vacancy Sensor Market

Lutron Electronics has unveiled a new line of Maestro occupancy/vacancy sensing switches that automatically turn lights on and off. The sensors provide significant technological advancements, including working with all bulb types and ambient light detection, making it simpler than ever to make sensors a part of your home’s energy-saving strategy.

When used in the home, sensors can save up to 20% lighting energy. Sensors are commonly used in kitchens, laundry rooms, kids’ rooms and garages.

The product offers numerous breakthroughs in this market, including:

For use with all bulb types and all load types
* works with incandescents, halogens, CFLs, LEDs, magnetic low-voltage, electronic low-voltage and linear fluorescents
* working with all these bulb types simplifies the selection and installation processes, as they’re installed the same way as a light switch or dimmer – no additional wiring required

Advanced XCT Sensing Technology
* Lutron’s proprietary sensing technology offers reliable on/off performance up to 30 feet from the sensor
* eliminates background interference that could trigger the sensor to turn on when not needed
* detects fine motion to avoid having the lights inadvertently turn off

Ambient light detection
* detects natural light, so lights turn on only when needed, saving energy
* will learn your preferred light level for a specific room and turn on only if needed to get to this preferred level.

Sleek design complements a home’s décor
* overcomes common homeowner objection of unattractive design
* offers a clean look and feel and coordinates with other Lutron Maestro family products

Sensors can function in two modes:

Occupancy mode
* sensor automatically turns lights on when entering a room
* sensor automatically turns lights off when room is vacant
* great for laundry rooms, garages, kitchens

Vacancy mode
* manually turn lights on when entering a room and sensor automatically turns lights off when room is vacant
* great for bedrooms, kids’ rooms, rooms with pets

Two models of the Maestro occupancy/vacancy sensor switch are now available – one version for small rooms and one for large rooms. Sensors are priced at $29 and $41, respectively, and are available now at home improvement centers, lighting showrooms, electrical distributors and online.

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