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New Low-profile 360-degree Occupancy Sensors Boost Energy Efficiency with Advanced Technology

Watt Stopper/Legrand has unveiled a new family of occupancy sensors featuring 360° coverage, advanced detection technology, and a low-profile design.

Available in both line and low voltage models, the UT-300, CI-300 and DT-300 series mount on ceilings, offering a flat, unobtrusive appearance. The UT-300 features ultrasonic sensing technology, while the CI-300 employs passive infrared (PIR) technology for occupancy detection. The DT-300 relies on both ultrasonic and PIR sensing technologies.

Advanced capabilities such as SmartSet™ technology and walkthrough mode offer increased energy savings potential. With SmartSet, sensors automatically adjust time delay and sensitivity settings based on occupany activity and space characteristics. Walkthrough mode turns lights off automatically after brief visits. Terminal style wiring speeds installation. Ideal applications include restrooms, large offices, and open office areas for UT-300 sensors, computer rooms, conference rooms, and warehouses for CI-300 sensors, and classrooms and large offices for DT-300 sensors.

Watt Stopper/Legrand is a leading manufacturer of lighting control products for commercial and residential applications. Commercial products include occupancy sensors, lighting control panels, daylighting controls, DALI dimming controls, plug load controls and energy auditing tools. Residential products include Miro architectural wiring devices and wireless RF controls and residential motion sensors.

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