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New High Bay Occupancy Sensor Installs to Fluorescent Fixtures for Turnkey Lighting Control Solution

New High Bay Occupancy SensorLeviton’s new OSFHB-ITW High Bay Occupancy Sensor employs passive infrared technology for use in warehouses, manufacturing plants and other facilities with high ceilings and provides local occupancy control and minimizes false triggering. The OSFHB-ITW is specifically designed for high mounted areas and installs directly to an industrial fluorescent luminaire or an electrical junction box. It is a self-contained sensor and relay that turns individual light fixtures ON or OFF based on occupancy in the detection zone. The specially designed lens provides reliable coverage up to 40 feet mounting heights. The OSFHB-ITW provides a trouble-free “install and forget” solution for high bay lighting control.

The OSFHB-ITW uses PIR technology to sense occupancy by comparing the infrared energy from an object in motion and the background space. The PIR technology has a microprocessor based digital architecture that minimizes false triggering. PIR sensors reduce false ONs from background environmental conditions such as air movement and provide reliable detection of line-of-sight motion. A self adjusting timer adapts to occupancy patterns and increases energy savings.

The device is a self-contained, line voltage sensor that easily installs on individual fixtures through a standard ½” knockout using a provided lock-nut. The wiring is connected inside the fixture body. The relay uses a zero crossing circuitry to provide reliable, long-life operation and contains a green Led to indicate occupancy detection. Learned and adjusted settings saved in protected memory are not lost during power outages.

The OSFHB-ITW High Bay Occupancy Sensor is part of Leviton’s integrated energy management control offering that includes Leviton occupancy sensors, timers, dimmers and photocells, as well as Centura Daylight Harvesting System and Architectural Lighting Control Systems for building-wide control.

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