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New EZ-MAX™ Plus from Leviton Offers Turnkey Solution for Integrated Lighting Control in Commercial Facilities

Leviton EZ-MAX PlusLeviton’s new EZ-MAX™ Plus Relay Control Panels offer the power and performance of Leviton’s larger Z-MAX Plus relay lighting control panels in a compact enclosure, ideal for smaller applications that don’t require field-configuration or advanced networking capabilities. Available in two circuit models, the panels come with the Visual Programmer 4.0 off-line editor for easy set up. A large LCD screen on the face of the enclosure features oversized buttons to speed programming.

EZ-MAX Plus replaces multiple SKUs with a single SKU. The panels combine modular relay cards and a built-in astronomical time clock (ATC) that is used in place of separate time clocks, cabinets, terminal blocks and contactors. Standard programming configurations for occupancy sensors and photocells as well as a built-in ATC with 101 major city and states are included in the system for easy setup. The standard 30A Z-MAX Relay Card has a short circuit current rating (SCCR) of 18,000A that enables it to withstand high er current inrushes caused by short circuit conditions for maximum equipment protection.

Available as a 4/8-circuit or 16/24-circuit model, EZ-MAX Plus is designed in a compact, 13” x 13” or 20 1/4” x 34” standard electrical enclosure and eliminates complicated wiring and set-up. Its design makes it ideal for use as cost-effective replacement for time clock/contractor installations, low-voltage control, lighting control, daylight harvesting, occupancy sensor integration and any application requiring reliable and cost-effective automatic lighting control. Low-voltage inputs allow connection of occupancy sensors, photocells, low-voltage switches and digital switches for a com prehensive yet easily installed energy management solution. EZ-MAX Plus is code compliant – UL/CUL Listed, ASHRAE compliant, CEC Title 24 compliant and is rated UL 924 to meet safety standards. It is part of Leviton’s integrated energy management offering, which includes Leviton occupancy sensors, Z-MAX™ relay control panels, the miniZ™ daylight harvesting system, box-mounted timers and dimmers, as well as architectural lighting control systems for building-wide lighting management.

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