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Lutron’s Qoto™ and Faedra™ Dimmers and Switches Provide New Alternative to Toggle Switches

Lutron's Qoto™ and Faedra™ Dimmers and Switches Provide New Alternative to Toggle SwitchesTired of toggles? They’ve been around for decades, serving as the primary light switch design in many homes. Homeowners now have a choice that is both stylish and smart. Lutron Electronics has introduced Faedra and Qoto, the newest dimmer and switch design for toggle-opening wallplates. Combined with Fassada™ screwless wallplates, Faedra and Qoto dimmers and switches offer a whole new look for the home.

Affordable, simple to install, and easy to use, the new Qoto dimmer features an on/off push button and a discreet slider for simple light level adjustments. Press the push-button and the lights come on. Use the slider to adjust the light level, and then press the push-button again to turn lights off. The next time the button is pressed, lights come on to the level previously set with the slider.

The Qoto design complements Lutron’s Faedra smart dimmer, which fades lights slowly to off – perfect for crossing the room without tripping. Faedra’s other features include control of lights from two locations (ideal for the top and bottom of a staircase), preset light levels and LED indicator lights that make the control easy to locate in the dark.

Lutron's Qoto™ and Faedra™ Dimmers and Switches Provide New Alternative to Toggle SwitchesBoth Faedra and Qoto products can be used with existing wallplates or combined with Lutron’s new Fassada screwless wallplates, which feature rounded edges and a low-profile design on the wall. They are available in 1- through 6-gang configurations.

“The Qoto and Faedra product family truly give a home a whole new look,” said Edward Blair, product development manager at Lutron. “Not only are the products aesthetically pleasing on the wall, but they are easy to use and create beautiful ambiance.”

Dimmers, switches and wallplates from this “whole new look” product family are available in white, ivory, almond and light almond. Faedra and Qoto dimmers are available in 600W and 1000W models.

Lutron dimmers are available at lighting showrooms and home improvement centers, or from your local electrical professional.

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