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Lutron’s New Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor Sets Higher Performance Standard

Lutron has introduced a groundbreaking new occupancy/vacancy sensor with unparalleled sensitivity and the ability to be retrofitted in any space without re-wiring.

Radio PowerSavr™ is a wireless device that installs in minutes. Just place the sensor on the ceiling and replace your standard light switch with a compatible Lutron dimmer or switch; no wiring is required to the sensor.

Newly developed XCT(TM) Technology from Lutron enables Radio PowerSavr to perform better than any other occupancy/vacancy sensor currently on the market.

Precise algorithms enable the device to detect small motions and reliably distinguish them from background noise or interference that cause false ons/offs in other sensors.

This enhanced signal processing ability enables Radio PowrSavr to keep the lights on when someone is typing, writing or flipping pages and to turn the lights off only when the space is truly empty.

Saving Energy with Radio PowrSavr
Radio PowerSavr saves energy by turning lights off when a room is unoccupied – a simple act that can save up to $85 a year.* What is more, using a compatible Lutron dimmer with the sensor allows you to automatically turn lights on to a dimmed level rather than to full-on, saving even more energy.

Depending on the overall system configuration, Radio PowerSavr can take 25 percent to 40 percent off of the lighting electricity use in a given space. It is especially useful in conference rooms, copy rooms, small offices, classrooms, break rooms, restrooms and other spaces where automatic lighting shut-off is desirable.

Radio PowerSavr is an important part of an energy-saving light control system. It is compatible with Lutron’s Maestro Wireless® dimmers and switches, RadioRA® dimmers and switches and GRAFIK Eye® QS Wireless control units It is especially effective in retrofit applications where traditional wired sensors are difficult to install.

“We’re very excited about this breakthrough product,” says Eric Lind, Lutron’s director of commercial marketing. “Now facility managers, contractors and homeowners can retrofit a space in minutes to save energy and money, without any re-wiring.”

For more information about the new Lutron wireless occupancy/vacancy sensor, visit

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