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Lutron Retrofit Kit Makes Stairwell Fluorescent Light Fixtures Energy-Efficient and Code Compliant

The new Stairwell Retrofit Kit Solution from Lutron Electronics saves energy, lowers costs and meets stairwell safety code requirements.

The field-adjustable retrofit kit solution contains Lutron dimming ballasts with pre-wired leads, a Lutron wireless control (Powpak stairwell controller), and optional rapid-start sockets, which allow any T12, T8, or T5 fluorescent fixture to be converted into a wireless stairwell solution.

Once installed, the fixture can communicate with Lutron’s Radio Powr Savr occupancy sensors to adjust light levels. The Radio Powr Savr sensor immediately detects when someone enters the stairwell. The sensor then sends a signal to the Lutron Powpak stairwell controller via Lutron‘s Clear Connect RF technology, which illuminates the stairwell at the preset occupied (high end) level. When the person leaves the stairwell, the sensor sends a signal to the wireless control at the preset timeout which dims the light to the preset unoccupied (low end) level.

The Lutron stairwell retrofit kit solution provides these benefits

* energy savings – the ability to save over 70%1 lighting energy
* high-end trim reduces light levels when the stairwell is occupied
* occupancy sensing lowers light levels when the stairwell is unoccupied
* high return on investment – payback as low as 3.5 years; utility rebates available in most locations2
* flexibility – assign multiple fixtures to a single occupancy sensor and assign multiple occupancy sensors to a single fixture
* Meets codes and standards
* ASHRAE 90.1 2010 — Additional Control (
* IgCC (International Green Construction Code) — Interior Light Reduction Controls (609.3)

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