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Lutron Radio Powr Savr™ Wireless Daylight Sensor Saves Time and Energy

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. combines convenience, exceptional energy savings, and ease of installation with the new Radio Powr Savr™ Wireless Daylight Sensor.

Targeted to the commercial and residential interior markets, the battery-powered, ceiling mount sensor helps save energy by decreasing or turning off electric lighting when sufficient daylight is available. The sensor detects light in the space and then wirelessly transmits the appropriate commands to the compatible dimming and switching devices via Clear Connect™ RF communication; those controls then adjust the lights to take advantage of natural daylight.

A single sensor can be used to communicate with up to 10 switching, stepped dimming, or continuous dimming devices in multiple zones. Front accessible buttons make setup, calibration and testing easy.

Radio Powr Savr sensors can be installed quickly and easily. By simply placing the unit on the ceiling and replacing a standard light switch with a compatible Lutron dimmer or switch, users can retrofit a space in minutes. No wiring is required, making it especially effective in applications where traditional wired sensors are difficult to install. Several mounting options are available for a variety of ceiling materials.

The sensors are compatible with Lutron’s Maestro Wireless® non-neutral switches, GRAFIK Eye® QS Wireless control units, and Energi Savr Node QS system, making it an important part of an energy-saving light control strategy. Depending on the overall system configuration, Lutron’s Radio Powr Savr devices can reduce lighting electricity usage by 25 to 40 percent in a given space.

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