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Lutron Quick Install Wireless Energy Solutions Feature Energi TriPak Products and Simple Retrofit Packages

lutron electronicsRetrofitting an energy-saving control system into a conference room, classroom, common area, or stairwell has never been easier or more cost effective. Lutron Electronics is pleased to introduce updates to its Energi TriPak™ family of energy-saving products including stairwell retrofit solutions and simple energy retrofit packages for small commercial spaces.

The flexible Energi TriPak product family allows users to select a mix of components to best meet the needs of their space and save energy. New energy retrofit packages allow contractors to order one model number that includes all the components necessary for a simple, dual voltage switching solution with occupancy sensing. Each package includes a Maestro Wireless switch with Claro faceplate and either a wireless, ceiling-mount occupancy/vacancy sensor, or wireless, ceiling-mount vacancy-only sensor.

Stairwell retrofit solutions help buildings meet code and still save energy in every stairwell by reducing lights to minimum levels when the stairwell is unoccupied, and immediately turning lights on when the stairwells become occupied. Retrofit fixtures communicate seamlessly with all Energi TriPak components.

These retrofit-friendly products communicate wirelessly via Lutron’s reliable Clear Connect Radio Frequency technology, making it an ideal solution for retrofit applications.

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