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Lutron Lift Technology Expands Market for Automated Shading Solutions

The latest automated shading innovation from lighting control pioneer Lutron Electronics offers an installed cost savings of 30 percent per shade panel when compared to existing market solutions.

Ideal for large commercial applications, the new roller 300 drive with Lutron Intelligent Façade Technology (LIFT), the company’s latest automated shading solution, is capable of controlling 300 square feet of fabric from one low-voltage shade drive.

Designed to fit within the Lutron standard 5” pocket, LIFT is a coupled shade system that uses the new roller 300 low-voltage drive, and operates up to six 5’x10’ panels of Lutron’s Classico commercial roller shade fabric. LIFT is a versatile solution ideal for curtain-wall applications in commercial office buildings, hospitals, universities and more.

LIFT can be controlled from in-room keypads or via Lutron’s Hyperion solar-adaptive technology, which automatically responds to changing daylight levels and environmental conditions for a balance of comfort and energy savings. The shade panels on each LIFT system, as well as adjacent shades, will always raise and lower in perfect alignment, providing visual appeal from all angles. While automated shades are not specifically required in commercial construction, building and energy codes dictate that buildings must employ some form of daylight control, whether through dynamic (automated shading systems) or static (fixed overhangs) means.

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