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Lutron Introduces LED Dimming with New Hi-Lume™ LED Driver

Lutron Introduces LED Dimming with New Hi-Lume™ LED DriverIndoor LED lighting, customer convenience, and energy efficiency can be greatly improved with the new Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. Hi-lume™ LED driver: a high-performance, universal voltage driver that provides energy-efficient LED dimming from 100 percent to 1 percent of light output. The Hi-lume LED driver can integrate with a multitude of lighting control products.

Hi-lume LED’s eco-friendly benefits go beyond energy efficiency to also provide a product lifetime of 50,000 hours (approximately 10 years of service).

The Lutron Hi-lume LED driver is compatible with a wide variety of control options, including digital control with EcoSystem™, GRAFIK Eye® QS, and Quantum™. In addition to integrating with lighting control systems, the Hi-lume LED driver is also compatible with 3-wire controls, including Vierti™, NovaT®, Maestro® dimmers, the GP series of dimming panels, and more.

“As with so many other Lutron products,” says Audwin Cash, market development manager for Lutron, “the Hi-lume LED driver delivers energy savings and compatability with multiple lighting control systems. From a simple wallbox dimmer to full system integration within EcoSystem, Quantum and GRAFIK Eye QS, Hi-lume LED is the industry’s most versatile LED driver. Hi-Lume LED makes it easy to achieve energy efficiency while enjoying full range of smooth and continuous dimming capabilities, from 100 percent to one percent.”

The Hi-lume LED driver’s dimming function allows a user to enjoy precise, personalized lighting levels. Other features include:

  • internal thermal management to safely reduce light and power when operating in excessive temperatures to preserve driver life; (move to end)
  • universal voltage (120V or 277V), 50 or 60 Hz;
  • smooth dimming from 100% to 1% for a variety of LED light engines
  • 25W maximum driver rating; (move to 2nd to last)
  • preinstalled by fixture manufacturers; by either studs or flange

Lutron’s new Hi-lume LED driver is intended for downlighting, providing both an ambience and space control integration that make it appropriate for a wide range of applications, including meeting rooms, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals , corridors, retail, and more.

Lutron’s extensive Hi-lume family features the world’s only 100 percent to 1 percent dimming ballasts, as well as compatiable 3-wire controls, which are tested for performance with the leading lamps in the lighting industry.

The Hi-lume LED driver is the newest of a long line of Lutron eco-friendly products. For more information about the energy efficiency achieved by Lutron lighting control products, please visit

For more information about the Hi-lume LED driver, visit

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