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Lutron Introduces Coulisse Collection

Lutron Electronics and Coulisse, a supplier of window décor, have unveiled The Lutron Coulisse Collection. Oriented on design and innovation, the collection includes more than 700 types of high-fashion fabrics and materials for roller shades, honeycomb shades, innovative pleated fabrics and a variety of materials for Venetian blinds.

The collection will be available to interior designers and architects through the Lutron dealer network in the USA and Canada in early 2013.

The collection was created in conjunction with the Coulisse design team, and is based on an inspiration process in which the latest trends in homes and buildings, fashion designs, and timeless, classic patterns merge into a renewed, contemporary look in shading and interior design.

The Lutron Coulisse Collection combines the functional, technological and innovative aspects of shading with design and style, answering key needs of interior designers and architects alike for new decorative possibilities in interior shading.

Click here to learn more and to sign up for a Design Kit.

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