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Lutron Hi-lume® A-Series LED Driver Offers 1% Dimming for Almost Any LED Fixture

Lutron Hi-lume® A-Series LED Driver Offers 1% Dimming for Almost Any LED FixtureLutron Electronics Co., Inc. has launched an LED industry-changing product: the Hi-lume® A-Series LED Driver. The Hi-lume A-Series is the world’s first LED driver to offer smooth, continuous, 1% dimming for virtually any LED fixture, whether it requires constant current or constant voltage, making it the most versatile LED driver available today.

In an industry of varying design standards, Lutron brings a driver solution that can work with almost any manufacturer’s LED fixtures.

Full compatibility

  • Supports constant-current and constant-voltage outputs over a wide range of current and voltage levels for driving LED loads up to 40 Watts
  • Available in two form factors, compact and stick, to fit almost any LED fixture
  • Provides constant-current reduction (CCR) or pulse-width modulation (PWM) dimming options for constant current LED loads

Unmatched performance

  • Dims continuously from 100% to 1% lighting level
  • Precision microprocessor control and integral thermal management deliver energy savings and extended product life

Flexible and reliable

  • Works with ELV controls, 3-wire fluorescent controls, and EcoSystem® digital controls
  • One driver family for all fixture types ensures consistent operation and performance
  • Operates from 120 to 277V input voltage

“Lutron is excited to announce this revolutionary product to the ever-growing LED market. As the world leader in light control, we are proud to offer another product that makes design easier and contributes to saving energy,” says Lutron Director of Product Development, Russ MacAdam.

Fixture manufacturers can develop a design based on the exact specifications they want, without worrying about whether or not a driver is available to support it. And specifiers can focus on specifying performance and control type, without worrying if the fixture they want offers those options.

Lutron’s Hi-lume® A-Series LED Driver is the only LED driver you need to consider for your project. For use in commercial or residential applications, the Hi-lume® A-Series LED Driver installs easily into new construction or existing spaces. Users will enjoy unprecedented levels of flexibility and comfort, while saving energy. More information on this product line can be found at

Additionally, contractors and specifiers seeking LED solutions can visit for more information. This industry site also includes a Product Selection Tool explaining which Lutron controls are compatible with LED fixtures from others, and what performance can be expected from each combination. It also lists what LED fixtures have been tested and deemed compatible with Lutron LED drivers.

For more information about Lutron, visit

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