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Lutron Expands GRAFIK Eye® QS Wireless Capabilities with New Design Tool

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. builds on its GRAFIK Eye QS Wireless system with the debut of the new GRAFIK Eye QS Wireless Design Tool.

Compatible with Windows PC or Mac formats, the user-friendly, flash-based Design Tool is currently available at, and allows users to:

Lay out a GRAFIK Eye QS system: add components, including GRAFIK Eye QS, GRAFIK Eye QS with EcoSystem, seeTouch QS controls, Pico wireless controls, RPS wireless occupancy/vacancy sensors, integration devices, window shade components, power modules and power supplies;

Generate a one-line system diagram: include part numbers, wiring notes and supplied zone information;

Develop a project bill of materials: automatically update as new system components are added;

Document load schedules: keep a record of load schedules for every completed and in-progress project;

Envision the control system: use the existing QS visualizer to see what the controls will look like; and

Save and modify projects online: manage projects in an online database and modify them at any time.

“Contractors, specifiers and building managers have been anxiously waiting for this system and these tools,” says Jesus Guerrero, Product Manager for Lutron. “The advanced features, intuitive operation, and system flexibility all combine to deliver better lighting control, scalability, and best of all, improved energy efficiency.”

Lutron’s GRAFIK Eye® QS Wireless is a fully customizable preset light and shade control system, providing convenient control, energy savings, and enhancement of the visual environment. GRAFIK Eye QS Wireless delivers better lighting control, scalability, and improved energy efficiency for a single room, open office, new construction or a renovation.

Wireless interconnection with occupancy/vacancy sensors and wall controls eliminate the need to run or pull wire from the GRAFIK Eye QS to additional components, saving installation time and cost.

Wireless capability makes it easier for customers to adapt lighting to changing space requirements. In addition, GRAFIK Eye QS Wireless is scalable–adding multiple components and configurations makes it easy to expand the system’s capabilities for a variety of applications. It also links with Lutron’s Quantum™ total light management system for control of an entire building or part of a building.

For more information about Lutron, visit

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