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Lutron Electronics Unveils New HomeWorks® Products

Lutron Electronics announces the availability of two new products for its HomeWorks total home lighting control system: midnight-colored tabletop keypads with seeTouch®-style buttons and a Maestro®-style fan control.

The midnight-colored tabletop keypads with seeTouch-style buttons:

* are available in 5-, 10- and 15-button configurations
* feature rounded, backlit buttons that are easy to read and find in the dark
* available now

The all-in-one Maestro-style fan control:

* controls ceiling fan up to 2 amps
* provides four quiet speeds, plus off
* communicates to the HomeWorks system via radio frequency (RF) via the RF Processor and/or Hybrid Repeater
* provides the same front-end style, installation, addressing, and programming as HomeWorks RF Maestro-style dimmers
* installs in a standard 2.5″ backbox and connects to wires via screw terminals
* wires directly to fan without the need for additional wiring or interfacing at the fan
* available now

Lutron’s HomeWorks lighting control system provides convenient control of lights and shades in the world’s most exclusive homes. The system can be interfaced with numerous subsystems, including security, HVAC, whole-house audio and more. All popular light sources, including incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, LEDs and neon/cold cathode, can be controlled.

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