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Lutron Electronics Offers Next Generation of Shading Technology for Daylight Control

Lutron Electronics introduces Sivoia QS, the company’s most recent advancement in natural lighting control technology, allowing for seamless integration of electric light and daylight without the use of additional interfaces. Shades and lights can be controlled together through Lutron’s GRAFIK Eye QS or via SeeTouch QS keypads. This next generation of ultra-quiet, precision control for Lutron Shading Solutions enhances design, and adds flexibility at any stage of a project.

“Today, both residential and commercial spaces are demanding flexible control in order to adapt to a variety of activities. Lighting control helps transition these spaces quickly and efficiently,” states Stacey Kim, Market Development Manager for Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. “Sivoia QS provides easy integration of shades and lighting controls because of its simple, low-voltage wiring and installation. For example, it can seamlessly change a living room used for entertaining guests to a home theater for viewing movies – without disrupting the occupants.”

Lutron Electronics Offers Next Generation of Shading Technology for Daylight Control Automated shades are a convenient, energy efficient lighting control solution that also reduce glare, preserve views and protect valuable finishes and furnishings from harmful UV rays. Lutron’s QS technology holds a maximum of 100 devices on one link to control up to 100 lighting zones. Sivoia QS operates on the same communications link as its lighting controls so there is no need for additional interfaces. The system’s proprietary QS Smart Panel technology reduces installation time and eases integration by offering:

* Simple reconfiguration – The Sivoia QS system can be easily reconfigured. Limits can be changed and presets can be reprogrammed without rewiring by accessing the remote, keypad or electronic drive unit.

* Simplified wiring – Sivoia QS shading systems do not require any group controllers, relays or line-voltage wiring between electronic drive units. The QS technology requires only four wires to operate.

Lutron Electronics Offers Next Generation of Shading Technology for Daylight Control * QS Smart Panel Diagnostics – The QS Smart Panel power supply features advanced diagnostics to quickly verify system communication and wiring while providing power to up to 30 shades.

Lutron’s GRAFIK Eye QS, launched in early 2007, is the first QS lighting control in this new product series. It allows shading systems to be controlled from the same classic, intuitive wall control as the lights. The GRAFIK Eye QS includes an optional column of buttons that controls shades independently of the lights using rounded, backlit buttons that resemble Lutron’s seeTouch style keypads.

Sivoia QS is available in Roller 64 with the option of sheer, privacy or blackout shade fabrics and fourteen models of seeTouch QS keypads for control. Users can select a preset to quietly lower a single shade or multiple groups of shades in unison from a keypad on the wall or hand-held remote.

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