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Lutron Electronics Launches Breakthrough Quantum™ Whole-Building Light and Energy Management Solution

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. has launched the Quantum™ whole-building light and energy management solution. Designed for corporate offices, schools, universities, and more, the Quantum Solution manages the lighting energy consumption of an entire building or campus simply, effectively, and centrally. The breakthrough system gives building owners and facility managers total control of the lighting system, as well as the power to configure, monitor, analyze, and report on the lighting and energy data it collects.

Quantum delivers dramatic and reportable energy savings by managing the Lutron EcoSystem™ fluorescent lighting control system and the Lutron Sivoia QED™ (Quiet Electronic Drive) shading system from a single dedicated PC called Q-Manager™. Q-Manager stores all the relevant data about the system, such as light levels, power consumption, and sensor status, and runs Q-Admin™ software, the heart of the Quantum Solution.

Q-Admin centrally manages every individual lighting fixture in a building or campus, determines their power usage and operating hours, checks that lamps are working in any particular fixture, checks that components are working, and makes any desired changes to multiple light fixtures, shades, and controls.

A key feature of Q-Admin is IntelliDemand™ loadshed, which allows facility managers to “manage down” the lighting power in a specific space or for the whole building to reduce energy costs or comply with demand response requests for a facility.

Quantum also provides email alerts when certain, pre-defined events occur, such as lamp failures, power overload, or space occupancy. In many cases, facility managers can address problems with lighting before building occupants are even aware there is one.

Using the Quantum Green Glance, users can show customers and building occupants how green their building is. The Green Glance is an energy environment display software package for Quantum that prominently displays a building’s energy savings and environmental impact.

The Quantum solution’s chief hardware component is a Lighting Hub that uses an Ethernet connection to connect the EcoSystem lighting controls and the Sivoia QED shades to the Quantum network.

A Quantum-equipped building uses only the amount of light necessary. When daylight is available, sensors automatically reduce the dependence on electric lighting. In vacant
spaces, the lights automatically turn off. Peak electricity demand charges are minimized by lowering light levels during peak demand periods. Controllable window shades reduce the overall demand on the HVAC system, while the ability to execute optimal group re-lamping lowers maintenance costs.

Quantum saves energy and protects the environment by reducing unnecessary energy use and thereby limiting the use of natural resources and the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere. The system increases productivity by allowing building occupants to control their lighting environment, and it creates a more flexible space because re-configuring controls and sensors does not require rewiring, making the space easily adaptable to high churn rates. Overall, the Quantum Solution saves money by reducing energy and maintenance costs.

“We’re very excited about the launch of the Quantum Solution,” said Eric Lind, director-commercial marketing for Lutron. “Quantum manages every single lighting fixture and shade in the system from one location, empowering facility managers to lower operating costs while making their jobs easier.”

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