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Lutron Electronics Introduces Three New Lines of Commercial Occupancy Sensors

Lutron Electronics, Co., Inc. has announced three new lines of occupancy sensors that will be available this September for commercial lighting projects. The new sensors feature self-adjusting technology that helps to prevent false-on and false-off conditions, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of occupancy-based lighting control.

Facilities can save energy and reduce costs by monitoring and controlling light levels in unoccupied spaces. Lutron’s sensors feature infrared, ultrasonic and dual-technology detectors that identify motion in a room and automatically turn lights on when people enter, as well as slowly dim to low levels, and to off, when they leave. For applications that require Title 24 compliance, sensors exist with a manual on and automatic off function as well.

Lutron’s new ceiling mount (LOS-C), wall mount (LOS-W) and wall switch (LOS-S) sensors learn how a space is used and then automatically self-adjust response time and increase or decrease sensitivity to motion based on that information for optimal performance.

Ultrasonic sensors look for sound wave disruptions that are caused by movements and provide excellent minor motion detection. The ultrasonic waves fill the space and are able to sense motion under and around objects. Infrared sensors detect moving heat signatures and provide good protection against false tripping. Infrared sensors work well in areas with major motion. Dual-technology sensors combine both features for optimal power savings.

“This is an exciting new level of automated lighting control,” said Clive Lopez, Engineer, Lutron Electronics. “Lutron saw the need for a line of quality, occupancy-based sensors that reduce false tripping conditions and don’t require constant manual adjustments. These new state-of-the-art sensors are very accurate and provide optimal lighting conditions based on the actual use of the room. The energy and cost savings to the end-user are considerable.”

Lutron Electronics Introduces Three New Lines of Commercial Occupancy SensorsLOS-C series of Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensors
Lutron’s new LOS-C series of ceiling mount occupancy sensors provide a broad field-of-view and are well-suited for conference rooms and large spaces where ceilings are eight feet to 12 feet high. Significant energy savings can be realized by installing ceiling mount sensors to automatically monitor and control lights in large rooms that are not consistently occupied.

Lutron’s LOS-C series is available in infrared-only, ultrasonic-only and dual-technology versions. This series features non-volatile memory so saved changes are stored during loss of power.

Multiple ceiling mount sensors can be linked together to provide a greater coverage area and either can integrate into a Lutron system or function as standalone controls using a Lutron power pack.

Lutron Electronics Introduces Three New Lines of Commercial Occupancy SensorsLOS-W series of Wall Mount Occupancy Sensors
Lutron’s new wall mount sensors are perfect for areas with oddly shaped or high ceilings (greater than 12 feet high) and spaces with banners, ceiling fans, flags or other indirect fixtures. In spaces like atriums with these types of obstacles, wall mount sensors can be strategically placed on the wall so that these types of obstacles do not interfere with the sensor’s field-of-view.

Lutron’s wall mount sensors are available in infrared-only and dual-technology detectors that feature a non-volatile memory so saved changes are stored during power loss.

Lutron Electronics Introduces Three New Lines of Commercial Occupancy SensorsLOS-S series of Wall Switch Occupancy Sensors
Wall switch occupancy sensors provide an ideal solution for quickly replacing traditional wall switches with automated light control. Lutron’s wall switch sensors work well in small spaces that are not consistently occupied, such as kitchenettes, copy rooms and small offices because they provide convenient, local monitoring in an all-in-one device that doesn’t require any extra parts.

In these types of smaller spaces, manual switches are typically left on when unoccupied and, therefore, waste energy. Wall switch sensors directly replace wall switches with sensors, making it easy to apply automated lighting control for greater efficiency.

Lutron’s LOS-S series features standalone line voltage switching and includes infrared-only and ultrasonic-only detectors.

LOS-S series also offers a two-circuit version of the IR wall switch that is designed for dual-level lighting applications and independent switching.

PP series Power Pack
All ceiling and wall mount sensors integrate with Lutron’s lighting control systems and also can function as standalone controls using a Lutron power pack. Power packs are plenum rated and can be mounted on a convenient junction box or fixture.

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  • I would use laser. Ultrasonic tends to have interference, plus not all sufarces are good for reflecting ultrasonic. There are without a doubt plenty of laser sensors that will not interfere, even at micrometers apart (as seen in some high tech control systems). You just have to make sure you buy the correct ones. Obviously, the more precise you get, the more expensive they tend to be. I suggest doing a thorough read of the literature that can be read on different types of sensors. Also do not be afraid to call a company and speak with their engineers, any reputable company will have a customer service tech to speak to.I use alot. They have a ton of sensors, alot of literature on their products as well as a half decent tech staff.

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