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Lutron Electronics Expands Sivoia QED® Technology within Residential Market

Lutron Electronics Expands Sivoia QED® Technology within Residential MarketLutron Electronics Co., Inc. is extending the reach of its signature Sivoia QED(R) shading technology into homes with the introduction of the Sivoia QED Roller 20(TM) shade system.

The new Roller 20 shade system offers all of the benefits of Lutron’s patented Sivoia QED technology—including quiet, precision movement of shades—but it also has an ultra-slim profile and narrow width, making it perfectly suited for mounting within most, smaller residential window frames.

With this production addition, homeowners can blend the most advanced, digitally controllable shading technology seamlessly into the design of their homes.

“This is a noteworthy moment for residential design and convenience,” said Stacey Shetter Kim, Market Development Manager for Lutron, “With the Sivoia QED Roller 20 shade system, most homeowners can now enjoy the unique advantages of the Sivoia QED technology that they can’t get from any other shading system.”

Lutron’s new Roller 20 shading system enhances a home’s spaces while providing convenient daylight control at the touch of a button. The elegantly styled keypads and controls give users intuitive control of the shades. Roller 20 also offers a variety of fabric options to enhance a home’s décor.

The key to this addition to Lutron’s Sivoia QED product line is its small size, made possible with the inclusion of a tube that has a diameter measuring only 1.25 inches, and a smaller drive that allows the shades to be smaller in width (a minimum of 18.5 inches). Lutron believes Roller 20 is the world’s smallest precision controllable shading system.

Sivoia QED Roller 20 can be installed with a 2.75-inch top/back cover and fascia for a clean, minimal look. Square and curved fascia are available in white, bronze and anodize aluminum.

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