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Lutron Electronics Announces Industry’s Highest Performance Fluorescent Dimming Ballast, Setting New Standards for Efficiency

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. has expanded its line of fluorescent dimming ballasts with the introduction of Hi-lume 3D digital addressable dimming ballasts, the world’s only ballast that can dim lights to less than one percent and more than 100 percent illumination while upholding the efficiency of a non-dim ballast.

The new line of Hi-lume dimming ballasts provides the same exceptional architectural fluorescent dimming performance but with three key features for the new 3D ballast – added flexibility, functionality and efficiency. Boasting the industry’s broadest dimming range of 117 percent to 0.85 percent, Lutron’s upgraded Hi-lume technology allows multiple ballast factors of 0.85 to 1.17 at high end and will dim to less than one percent of the high end light output.

The ballast is designed to be extremely versatile with the compatibility to work directly with three-wire existing Lutron products or Lutron’s revolutionary EcoSystem dimming technology. It is microprocessor-controlled with the ability to listen, think, decide and remember, giving users a new level of flexibility in configuring the lighting space while saving energy.

“Lutron has once again set a new standard for innovation in fluorescent dimming,” states Eric Lind, Director Commercial Marketing for Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. “The new 3D digital addressable dimming ballast has been developed to perform at the highest quality of a hi-lume ballast but with the efficiency and efficacy of a non-dim ballast – offering the strongest, most flexible lighting control solution on the market.”

Its ultra slim-profile design, just 1 inch high, integrates seamlessly with low-profile architectural fixtures in conference rooms, ballrooms, restaurants and patient care areas.

Ensuring flicker-free dimming, Lutron’s Hi-lume 3D dimming ballasts were designed for T8 linear and U-bent four-foot lamps. The ballasts are available with universal voltage input at 120v and 277v.

All Lutron ballasts and digital ballasts feature high power factor and low total harmonic distortion (THD) to maintain building power quality. Lutron ballasts also utilize in-rush limiting circuitry, thereby maintaining the rated lifetime of switches used to turn the ballasts on and off.

Superseding DALI technology, Lutron’s digital lighting systems have redefined fluorescent lighting. Its advanced technology ensures energy savings and can be used as a design tool for daylight harvesting and sustainable design lighting.

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