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Lutron Electronics Announces Availability of New Low-Profile T5 HE Dimming Ballast for EcoSystem Solution

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. has expanded its line of popular EcoSystem fluorescent dimming ballasts with the introduction of EcoSystem™ T5 HE (High Efficiency) ballast for use with the EcoSystem fluorescent lighting control solution. The new line of low-profile T5 dimming ballasts provides the same revolutionary digital fluorescent lighting control technology as the current “G” can ballast, in a smaller [18″ (457mm) x 1.18″ (30mm) x 1.0″ (25mm)] profile. EcoSystem solutions now extend to the complete line of high-efficiency T5HE dimming solutions for all one- and two-lamp lengths and voltages, including two-, three- and four-foot lamps in both 120v and 277v.

The smaller profile of the EcoSystem T5 HE ballast allows EcoSystem products to integrate seamlessly with popular low-profile pendant fixtures and new recessed fixture technologies. The new T5 ballast communicates directly with the T8 ballasts in an EcoSystem project, providing greater design flexibility by allowing integration of smaller architectural fixtures throughout the project.

Ideal for office and school applications, the new T5 ballast provides dimming capabilities from 100% to 10%, facilitating automated and manual dimming control for significant energy savings.

“We’ve incorporated all the revolutionary technologies and benefits of the award-winning EcoSystem fluorescent dimming ballast into a smaller size in order to enhance the design versatility of EcoSystem projects,” said Ken Walma , EcoSystem Product Manager with Lutron Electronics. “EcoSystem now provides greater flexibility to choose different types of lamp and fixture combinations for any project.”

EcoSystem: A Revolution in Fluorescent Lighting Control

EcoSystem solution redefines fluorescent lighting control as easy to design, easy to install, easy to maintain and cost-effective. As the centerpiece of the EcoSystem solution, the EcoSystem ballast connects directly to photocells, infrared (IR) receivers, occupancy sensors and wallstations without interfaces, power packs or controllers. The system provides daylighting, automated lighting control and personal control in the most simple and cost effective system available.

The EcoSystem ballast simply replaces the non-dim ballast in a fixture. Up to 64 EcoSystem ballasts can be connected on a simple 2-wire control bus that is both topology- and polarity-free to create a lighting ecosystem.

Control wiring can be Class 1 or Class 2 so installation is easy and can be customized to best fit the job. Throughout the life of the project, sensors and wallstations can be added or removed easily with simple Class 2 connections at any fixture, making it easy to reconfigure and rezone spaces. In addition, maintenance is simplified because the EcoSystem ballast and bus supply are designed to remember preset programming so that new units do not need to be readdressed.

EcoSystem provides a sustainable and cost-effective solution for complying with building codes and guidelines. It has received numerous industry awards for providing significant energy-savings and superior product performance.

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