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Lutron Adds Non-Neutral Switch to Maestro Wireless® Line

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. has announced the launch of a non-neutral, dual voltage switch model to its line of Maestro Wireless® local lighting controls.

Targeted to the commercial retrofit market, the new Maestro Wireless® switch requires no neutral wire for installation. It functions much like a standard switch, but can be controlled from Lutron Pico® Wireless Controllers and Lutron Radio Powr Savr® ceiling mount occupancy/vacancy sensors, allowing the lights to be remotely controlled or automatically turned on and off when someone enters or leaves a room, providing both occupant convenience and energy savings.

Maestro Wireless® switches and controllers operate via radio frequency, allowing them to be quickly and easily installed without the need for sophisticated programming or additional wiring, making this an ideal solution for commercial spaces, classrooms, private offices, conference rooms and common areas, bathrooms, storage areas and utility rooms.

Like other members of the Lutron Maestro Wireless® family, the non-neutral unit installs in single-pole or multiple-location applications, and has been designed to fit a standard wallplate opening for fast installation. The 8A tap switch is dual voltage rated at 120V~ or 277V~ for standard lighting loads.

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