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Lithonia Announces SIMPLY5™ Intelligence: An Innovative Departure in Lighting Controls

Lithonia Announces SIMPLY5™ Intelligence - An Innovative Departure in Lighting ControlsImagine an intelligent lighting control system that requires no programming to satisfy lighting energy codes, yet easily incorporates advanced features such as daylight harvesting and offers occupants a high degree of control over their environment. Simply 5™ Lighting Intelligence from Acuity Brands is the next evolution in lighting energy management and is built on the premise that controls should be simple to design, specify, use and maintain.

The integrated design of the Simply5 Lighting Intelligence system represents an innovative departure from the traditional piecemeal approach to lighting controls and energy management. With conventional systems, designers and installers are faced with trying to meet codes using a wide variety of light fixtures and control equipment, including relay and dimmer panels, timeclocks, occupancy sensors and photocells.

The SIMPLY5 Lighting Intelligence approach is different, adding intelligence to highly efficient lighting fixtures and controls components to optimize them for energy management. Because all devices are intelligent, SIMPLY5TM automates many of the setup, calibration and programming tasks which must be performed manually on traditional systems.

With SIMPLY5 lighting intelligence, changes to the use of a building no longer require reprogramming or re-commissioning of the control system. Integrated “plug-and-play” control elements make the system flexible and easy to reconfigure, as components can be added or removed at any time. Additionally, local dimming and override controls give occupants the power to create and manage their personal environments.

“First-time installers are surprised at how easily SIMPLY5 connects compared to other systems they’ve installed,” says Rich Westrick, Director of Embedded Controls. “The light fixtures and control equipment include a standard modular connector that includes both the power and signal wires, so everything just plugs together. There’s no special communication cable or device addressing that the contractor has to keep track of, and it’s easy to do something like add another switch by just plugging it in.”

SIMPLY5 lighting intelligence maximizes lighting energy savings by first lowering the base consumption. It then distributes intelligent controls, enabling the easy incorporation of one or more timeclock-, occupancy- or daylight-based automated controls. Finally, fully integrated load shed capabilities empower the property owner to take full advantage of utility incentives and EPAct-mandated real-time energy pricing to manage their own energy consumption.

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