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LINE V Automatic Line Voltage Switch for use with LX and CX Panel Systems by Hubbell Building Automation

LINE V switches by Hubbell Building AutomationHubbell Building Automation recently announced the availability of LINE V Automatic Line Voltage Switches for use with LX Panels and CX Panels. The HBA LINE V provides the ability to apply scheduling function to facilities using conventional local line voltage switch wiring methods. The HBA LINE V is especially cost effective and easy to install in retrofitting buildings when implementing automatic schedule control of lighting circuits to save energy.

The Hubbell Building Automation LINE V Automatic Line Voltage Switches can be swept OFF using an LX or CX Lighting control panel. The LINE V switches are wired as conventional local control switches in new construction or as replacements of toggle switches in retrofit projects. These switches are activated by programmed blink patterns at schedule ON of OFF times. This functionality allows for minimal branch circuit wiring in new construction. Retrofit projects that are currently hardwired with line voltage toggle and 3-way switches can implement schedule control by only replacing the local devices.

The 2-Relay LINE V Switch is a new-to-the-market product that allows bi-level control in a single switch that is activated ON or OFF by relay blinks from upstream panels. This eliminates the need to install multiple 1-relay switches to create the same functionality. Additionally, the HBA LINE V is the only product of this type available in five standard color options.

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