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Lightronics Unveils New SR Series – SR-516 Architectural Controller

Lightronics architectural dimming controllerLightronics’ new SR Series features inexpensive wall stations at every entryway. The SR-516 features: In-Line DMX Scene Processor, Remote Wall Station Control and 16 Scenes w/ Fade Times to 99 Minutes. With the new inexpensive SR-516 Architectural Controller, adding Remote Wall Station Control to an existing DMX Dimming System is easy. The SR-516 provides control of house and stage lights from multiple locations. Get a complete system for under $999.

Additional SR-516 features include: Show Mode Station Lockout via DMX, Emergency Bypass Relay, Retain previous Scenes from Power Off, Non-volatile Scene Memory, Mutually Exclusive Scene Grouping, Last Scene Recall, Record from Live DMX, 3 Configurable Contact Closures, 2 Gang Wall Box Installation.

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