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Lightolier Controls Raises Level of Fluorescent Control with New PowerSpec HDF Dimming Ballast

Lightolier Controls Raises Level of Fluorescent Control with New PowerSpec HDF Dimming BallasLightolier Controls’ new PowerSpec HDF Fluorescent Dimming Ballast eliminates ballast size and capability issues that have previously limited designers’ fluorescent lighting options. The high-performance PowerSpec HDF ballasts give designers more flexibility, additional control options and the ability to use energy-efficient fluorescent lighting in situations that require varying light levels.

“Subtle lighting control is important in our ability to see clearly as we change tasks,” said Steve Carson, General Manager of Lightolier Controls. “Instead of choosing between visual performance and energy efficiency, with the PowerSpec HDF ballast, designers can have the best of both worlds.”

PowerSpec HDF ballasts feature a slimmer profile for use within smaller, more architecturally sensitive fixtures. In addition, its dimming range – down to 1 percent – makes it ideal for multi-purpose rooms such as audio/video conference rooms, commercial social spaces or dining areas. In a conference room, the most comfortable balance of light would be bright enough to read and write easily, yet dark enough to clearly see a project presentation. Or, Hospitals, for example, can take advantage of the ballast’s ability to create bright light during doctors’ exams and dim to lower intensity while patients rest. PowerSpec HDF ballasts provide the flexibility for these types of installations.

Because the PowerSpec HDF ballasts are available in two, three and four-foot lamps, designers have greater flexibility when they are laying out a reflected ceiling plan. If they need to include a luminaire that is less than the standard four-foot lamp, they can.

“It’s all about providing designers more flexibility and control options, including lower dimming levels, universal voltage and flicker-free operation,” Carson added. “The PowerSpec HDF ballasts are compatible with a full range of Lightolier dimming controls, from simple wallbox dimmers to sophisticated dimming systems.”

PowerSpec HDF fluorescent dimming ballasts provide high-performance, full-range dimming of linear and compact fluorescent light sources and are ideal for aesthetic and architectural dimming in residential and commercial spaces, as well as energy-oriented applications. PowerSpec HDF ballasts turn on to any set intensity, even absolute low, therefore making the system perfectly suited to preset dimming controls.

The PowerSpec HDF ballast achieves its outstanding performance by incorporating a unique electronic feedback circuit. The circuit monitors the lamp performance and continuously corrects the current input and cathode voltage to achieve consistent, smooth, flicker-free operation. While in operation there is no perceived difference between the light levels of one- and two-lamp ballasts for the same type of lamp.

PowerSpec HDF ballasts incorporate stringent quality assurance including robust electronic components, protective circuitry, surge protection and testing/calibration.

“The addition of the PowerSpec HDF fluorescent ballast further solidifies Lightolier Controls position as a complete provider of full-range dimming ballasts,” Carson said.

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