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Lightolier® Controls Introduces OPTIO™ High Performance Dimming Cabinet

Lightolier® Controls has announced the Optio™, the industry’s most advanced and completely silent architectural lighting control panel that may be used in any application. Optio™ is currently available in 3 base models, the Optio™ 3120 providing up to 12 circuits, the Optio™ 6120 providing up to 24 circuits, and the Optio™ 9120 providing up to 36 circuits. You’ve never seen or heard anything like Optio™ before, it truly is a whole new breed.

“Optio™ is a great step forward in dimming technology,” stated Lightolier® Controls Product Marketing Manager Jeff Krebs. “Never before have so many technological advancements been successfully placed into one wall-mounted and convection cooled dimmer rack, until now.”

A natural convection cooled and wall-mounted dimmer rack, Optio™ utilizes chokeless IGBT dimming technology which provides 800µS of rise-time, thereby ensuring low-noise and long-life from virtually all incandescent lamp types.

The patented Low Harm™ mode provides harmonic cancellation, which in turn reduces the neutral harmonics on the dimming load for a silent output. And options for an internal main breaker, a Pathport® interface, and Phase Loss Sensing for emergency non-dim all make Optio™ an ideal choice for every dimming application.

Optio™ dimmer modules support incandescent, neon, cold cathode, magnetic low-voltage, electronic low-voltage, PowerSpec® HDF, Mark 10®, and general fluorescent lighting loads.

All Optio™ high performance dimming cabinets contain ILS and DMX512 control protocols, an LCD control panel for fast and easy set-up and diagnostics, Intelligent dimmer monitoring, Guardian software compatibility, Dual and Quad dimmer modules, Non-dim and true relay modules, as well as shorting plugs on all circuits for initial circuit testing.

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  • David Parkkonen

    I have many Lightolier panels in our ballroom and i need a contractor here to straighten out the lighting. Any ideas?
    In Baltimore MD area


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