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Lightolier® Controls Introduces IntelliSight™ Occupancy Sensor

Lightolier® Controls Introduces IntelliSight™ Occupancy SensorNow available from Lightolier® Controls, the IntelliSight™ Occupancy Sensor is the world’s first truly intelligent occupancy sensor. By incorporating multiple innovative technologies to meet the needs and exceed many specifications, this groundbreaking occupancy sensor no longer relies upon simple motion detection, but instead offers true occupancy sensing.

“Our IntelliSight™ Occupancy Sensors are taking a considerable leap forward in the technology of occupancy sensing,” stated Lightolier® Controls Product Marketing Manager David Szemborski. “Where most sensors on the market will apply one or two technologies in their sensors, we have incorporated a multitude of highly intelligent technologies, resulting in a profound increase in accuracy, energy savings, and convenience for the end user.”

Through the increased accuracy, IntelliSight™ Occupancy Sensors boast a dramatically expanded detection range of up to 4000 square feet from a single passive device. Built for universal voltage and many load types, IntelliSight™ Occupancy Sensor switches and dimmers are self-tuning and adaptive, requiring no adjustments for most installations. Simply install and walk away. With one device to fit many applications, distributors and installer alike will appreciate the simplicity.

The wall-mounted IntelliSight™ Occupancy Sensors are available as two-wire switches as well as three-wire inductive, incandescent and fluorescent dimmers.

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