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Lighting Control Is Now Mobile with The LYTEmode™ Wireless Control Unit

Lightolier® Controls, a Genlyte Company, has taken another step forward in the advancement of lighting controls with the introduction of the LYTEmode™ Wireless Control Unit. A compact, hand-held, portable control system, the LYTEmode™ Wireless Control Unit is now available for specification, sales support, and shipment through all Lightolier® and Lightolier® Controls Sales Representatives.

Designed to communicate with any Master Station located on the LYTEmode™ Architectural Controls Network, The LYTEmode™ Wireless Control Unit provides real-time individual channel control, control of 13 “scenes” plus “Off”, adjustable fade times, graphic representation of channel intensities, and lighting control status.

Utilizing Bluetooth® wireless technology, detailed Master Station setup features are also accessible. These options include: name assignment to individual channels or “scenes”, adjusting LED intensity of the Master Station pushbuttons, enabling Auto-Cycle modes, enabling Alarm modes, and control over station lockout.

Bluetooth® wireless technology provides up to 30 feet of wireless range for reliable and secure connections to the Architectural Lighting Control System.

“The Wireless Control Unit functions in concert with various Master Control Stations throughout the network to provide remote, wireless, and full function access,” said Gary Meshberg, Lightolier® Controls Director of Marketing. “Our customers were looking for solutions to some common, and some not so common applications, and therefore the Wireless Control Unit can answer the needs of just about any design.”

Through the LYTEmode™ Wireless Control Unit, Master Station settings can be copied and pasted into any station on the LYTEmode™ network, then saved as a file for future use.

The LYTEmode™ Wireless Control Unit may also be used to access Partition Controls for the remote linking of rooms with advanced setup. The Wireless Control Unit includes embedded LYTEmode™ system software, a Socket™ module, a desktop charging cradle, and a protective leather case. It is also complete with upgradeable software via a USB port.

Meshberg continued, “From the simple to the sophisticated, this easy-to-use and very convenient Wireless Control Unit is a powerful part of the LYTEmode™ Architectural Lighting Controls System. Through the technological innovation put into LYTEmode™, the Wireless Control Unit is able to offer higher levels of control flexibility with respect for the systems design budget.”

With a brilliant 3.5 inch color TFT display and a high performance backlight, the LYTEmode™ Wireless Control Unit is 119 mm (4.7 inches) long, 16.9 mm (0.7 inches) thick, and weighs only 167 grams (5.9 oz). Power is supplied through an 1100 mAh Lithium-Ion Removable Battery, and it comes standard with a rechargeable AC adapter.

The LYTEmode™ System Network Wireless Control Unit is listed by Underwriters Laboratories, CE marked, and complies with the Federal Communications Commission.

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