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Leviton’s Vizia™ System Integrates Z-Wave Technology

Leviton’s Vizia ™ System Integrates Z-Wave TechnologyLeviton Manufacturing Company introduces Vizia-RF™ the first dependable, scalable, affordable wireless lighting control system for residential applications. Easy to install, set up and operate, Leviton’s Vizia-RF™ Home Control system uses Zensys’ Z-Wave technology to overcome the performance issues and high cost of earlier generations of wireless home control systems. The Vizia-RF system includes digital switches and dimmers, along with a full-function scene controller, zone-controller, appliance and lamp modules and remote control. These devices can be installed as a single, stand-alone lighting control network or as part of a larger “intelligent” network of controls for HVAC, access control, intruder and fire detection, appliance control and other home systems.

Leviton’s Vizia-RF system takes full advantage of Z-Wave’s power-conserving and range-extending 900 MHz two-way RF (radio frequency) technology. Vizia-RF controllers send command signals to the Vizia-RF network of switches, dimmers, lamp or appliance modules. Should an obstacle block the signal anywhere in the home, the signal is automatically re-rerouted along an alternate path to ensure it reaches the controlled device. Its self-adjusting Z-Wave communications topology gives Vizia-RF unparalleled performance and reliability. Up to 232 Vizia-RF devices can be used in this flexible, expandable wireless network.

“Through the integration of Z-Wave’s technological advantages with our own legendary line of switches and lighting control devices, Leviton is able to offer the industry a generation of home controls that sets the standard for performance, value and dependability, “ said, Ed Uftring, Product Manager for Leviton Integrated Networks and Controls. “ Since Vizia-RF devices are interoperable with other Z-Wave enabled devices, users can easily expand the system’s control functionality by adding products from other Z-Wave Alliance partners.”

Earlier this year, Leviton joined with more than 125 companies to participate in the “Z-Wave Alliance,” a consortium of leading-edge companies that are working to incorporate Z-Wave technology into their products. The companies include industry leaders such as Carrier, Honeywell, Motorola, Danfoss, Wayne-Dalton and Universal Electronics. Automation applications range from heating and air conditioning, security and safety, access control and appliance control to home entertainment.

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