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Leviton’s New Dual-Relay Multi-Technology Occupancy Sensors Offer Accurate “Install and Forget” Performance

Leviton New Dual-Relay Multi-Technology Occupancy Sensors Offer Accurate Install and Forget PerformanceLeviton expands its multi-technology occupancy sensor line offering with three new models that combine bi-level switching with passive infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic (US) technology for highly accurate occupancy detection with minimal false triggering. The new OSSMD, OSSMD-G and OSSMD-F feature self-adaptive technology that compensates for real-time occupancy patterns to provide trouble-free “install and forget” performance, ensuring maximum energy savings and convenience. The OSSMD accommodates a range of application environments, including private offices and executive suites, training and conference rooms, classrooms, restrooms, and storage areas.

The new line of wall-mount sensors provides flexible operation in application settings that may require the use of US technology only, disabling the PIR detection capability when changes in airflow or temperature occur. The OSSMD-G does not require a neutral wire for installation, making it suitable for retrofit applications. The OSSMD-F is ideal for use in commercial restrooms with exhaust fans when there is a need for a delayed-OFF for the second relay. The OSSMD-F features a single pushbutton switch with two relays and uses an auto-ON or manual-ON to keep the exhaust fan on for an additional 10 minutes after the occupancy sensor switches the lights OFF to clear vent the air in a public restroom. The OSSMD-F is ideal for restrooms in coffee shops, restaurants, and other commercial facilities.

The OSSMD is compatible with incandescent, fluorescent, and low-voltage lighting, and provides automatic switching of two separate lighting loads from a single unit. The unit features dual manual-override switches that can be used to toggle the ON/OFF status of each lighting load while an area is occupied. The sensor has an adjustable 30-minute time-delay setting for both relays with a shorter 30-second vacancy confirmation built into the first relay. To comply with California Energy Commission’s Title 24, the second relay is a manual-ON only.

The OSSMD line uses PIR sensing to detect motion and turn lights ON and both PIR and US sensing to keep the lights ON while the area is occupied. PIR sensing provides immunity to false tripping and US sensing provides maximum sensitivity and range. This combination increases the accuracy of the OSSMD line in irregular shaped or partitioned rooms where PIR technology alone is not effective. The sensor also features energy-saving “walk-through” sensing that automatically switches lights OFF 2-1/2 minutes after momentary occupancy. Additional features include an ambient light override feature to keep lights OFF when there is adequate natural lighting, adjustable field-of-view blinders, and a convenient pushbutton for manual ON/OFF switching at any time.

The OSSMD is rated 800W incandescent and 1200VA for magnetic low-voltage and fluorescent lighting at 120V AC, and 2700VA fluorescent at 277V AC. It can be used with magnetic or electronic ballasts and features true zero-crossing switching to ensure maximum relay life and compatibility with electronic ballasts. The OSSMD is part of Leviton’s integrated energy management control offering that includes Leviton occupancy sensors, timers, dimmers and photocells, as well as Centura Daylight Harvesting systems and Architectural Lighting Control Systems.

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