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Leviton’s Introduces NAFTA-Compliant Line of Commercial Occupancy Sensors

Leviton's NAFTA-compliant occupancy sensorsLeviton Manufacturing Company’s line of commercial occupancy sensors meets NAFTA requirements and conforms to the provisions of the Buy American Act The line of NAFTA-compliant occupancy sensors is ideal for installation in government facilities seeking to reduce lighting energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint size. Devices are suitable for installation in a wide range of environments where compliance with the Buy American Act is desirable.

Leviton Commercial Occupancy Sensors feature all-digital, microprocessor circuitry that continually analyzes real-time occupancy patterns to continually adjust settings for maximum performance. Devices use passive infrared, ultrasonic and state-of-the-art multi-technology sensing to monitor occupancy and automatically switch lighting ON and OFF in response. The multi-technology sensors integrate passive infrared and ultrasonic sensing in the same device to achieve optimum motion detection capabilities and eliminate false triggering from inanimate movement like air currents.

Leviton’s NAFTA-Compliant line of commercial sensors features trouble-free, “install-and-forget” lighting control. Passive infrared models are available in ceiling mount, wall mount, wall-box mount, and fixture mount styles. Sensors can accommodate a variety of applications including high-bay, low-bay, aisle way(s), cold storage, 480v, wide view, long-range for extended distance sensing and self-powered wireless for retrofit applications where time, labor and cost savings are the goal. These units require direct line-of-sight, responding to movement of heat-emitting objects as they pass through a sensor’s field-of-view.

Ultrasonic models fill a room with continuous high-frequency (ultrasonic) sound waves and interpret changes from the original frequency as movement. They respond by turning ON lights or maintaining illumination. These devices are ideal for applications where either direct-line-of-site detection is not possible or movement is limited, such as in bathroom stalls and workplace cubicles.

Most models feature built-in photocells to prevent controlled lighting from turning ON when the coverage area is adequately lit by natural light and are designed for connection to a Leviton Power-Pack. These devices contain a 24VDC power supply for the sensors as well as either a 20 Amp relay for switching 120/220/230/277VAC incandescent or ballast lighting loads or a 15Amp relay for similar 347VAC loads. In addition, all HVAC relays have been eliminated from the sensors and replaced with a single HVAC connection on the power pack. This simplifies installation and avoids redundancy where an area is covered by multiple sensors that are connected to the same power pack. This device and companion Leviton Add-A-Relay Units (used to expand the control capacity) are designed for easy mounting on junction-box knockout holes.

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