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Leviton’s EZ-MAX™ Relays Afford the Power of Z-Max™ in Compact, Easy-to-Use Package

Leviton's EZ-MAX™ Relays Leviton’s new EZ-MAX™ lighting control relays offer users the power and performance of Leviton’s award-winning Z-MAX™ lighting control relay systems in a compact, cost-efficient package that features simplified, menu-driven set-up. Offered in three ready-to-go stock cabinet versions, EZ-Max relays provide an easy, convenient way for contractors on moderately sized jobs to set up four automated relays quickly and easily.

EZ-Max relay cabinets are available with four standard 120/277V relays, four 2-pole relays or four 347V relays for Canadian installations. Each relay is capable of accepting input from momentary, maintained or toggle switches, as well as occupancy sensor, photocell, and low-voltage devices. EZ-Max relays feature Z-MAX’s exclusive circuitry that extends relay life to 10,000,000 switching cycles. Its relay cabinets also offer the astronomical clock and simplified keypad-programming features of the larger Z-MAX cabinets.

EZ-MAX offers an ideal solution for basic installations where automatic switching is needed but the advanced programming functions of the larger Z-MAX cabinets isn’t required as in dental and medical offices, parking lots, small sports venues, warehouses, and other moderately sized areas that require automatic, reliable and easy-to-operate lighting control. Leviton’s EZ-MAX relays are part of Leviton’s integrated line of energy management lighting control products. The line includes Leviton occupancy sensors, timers, dimmers and photocells, as well as the Centura™ daylight harvesting system and architectural lighting control systems for facility-wide lighting control.

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