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Leviton GreenMAX Relay Control Panels for Smart Lighting Control Applications

greenmax by levitonLeviton Manufacturing Company’s GreenMAX Relay Control Panels offer an industry-leading short circuit current rating (SCCR) of 25,000 Amps (at 277 VAC) for maximum service life, robust latching modules for incandescent and fluorescent loads, integrated dimming and switching capabilities along with daylighting and “smart” metering features — all in one energy-smart, cost-effective lighting management solution.

As a fully-integrated system, GreenMAX relay controls are ideal for installation in a wide range of commercial environments, including new construction and retrofit environments where centralized lighting control is needed. The system includes: relay cabinets and inserts, command modules, a handheld display unit (HDU), power supplies, relays and fully digital switches that can be programmed using the HDU.

GreenMAX’s robust latching relay modules are rated 30A general fluorescent ballast and 20A incandescent and are available in single-pole and double-pole configurations — with or without Return to Closed (RTC) functionality. The system’s relay options include integrated dimming, daylight harvesting and smart metering to meet a wide range of lighting management technologies. A portable Handheld Display Unit (HDU) enables convenient programming and monitoring to be accomplished directly from the control space rather than from a distant electrical room.

GreenMAX supports a wide variety of native network protocols, including BACnet/IP, Ethernet and LumaCAN, streamlining set up and configuration. Network connections are made using RJ45 connectors to standard CAT6 cabling. Each relay panel can control up to 32,000 smart relays. Lowvoltage inputs such as occupancy sensors, photocells, contact closures and switches connect to the system using an onboard Low -Voltage Input Card or can connect remotely in the Remote Input Cabinet for versatility in set up.

The system can be installed with a matching line of digital switches and wall plates that can be custom engraved for easy identification of controlled loads.

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