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Leviton Expands Architectural Lighting Control Systems Offering with New Multi-Zone D4000® Line

Leviton Expands Architectural Lighting Control Systems Offering with New Multi-Zone D4000® LineLeviton expands its architectural lighting control systems offering with the new Dimensions® D4000 line of multi-zone dimming models. The line includes networked-controlled, remote-controlled and self-contained dimmers. To comply with energy code requirements, the Dimensions D4000 line can be integrated with a wide range of occupancy sensors and daylighting systems.

The Dimensions D4000 line includes the D4200 network controlled system, D4206 network controlled system with dimmers, D4006 remote controlled system with dimmers and D4104/D4106 self-contained system with dimmers. All models feature zones/channels of control, scene memory, fade times for each scene, room partition control, remote dimmer configuration, lockout and sequencer features. The D4200 is the only model without internal network dimmers.

A wide range of entry stations and accessories simplify lighting control by providing additional control options The D4206, D4104, and D4106 can employ any one of more than 15 Dimensions entry stations to meet a range of application needs. All models in the D4000 line are compatible with Leviton iSeries e, a-2000®, MDS dimming cabinets, Z-MAX™ Network Relay Panels, Network Protocol Converters (NPC), and Closure I/O cards.

Ideal for lighting control in restaurants, retail stores, ballrooms and other commercial environments, the D4000 easily integrates with Leviton energy management products, enabling users to meet energy code requirements, while retaining the ability to easily program scene lighting. Dimmer capacities comply with energy codes that require reduced lighting power density ratios. Auxiliary inputs on the D4000 line allow occupancy sensors to be integrated and comply with CEC Title 24. Integration with daylighting systems is easily achieved using Leviton Photocell devices, Network Protocol Converters (NPC XP) or a-2000 Dimming Cabinets.

The D4000 line is part of Leviton’s integrated architectural lighting and energy management control offering that includes Leviton occupancy sensors, timers, dimmers, and photocells.

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