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LCA TV: Universal Lighting Technologies Creates Video Demonstrating DCL Technology

Universal Lighting Technologies’ Demand Control Lighting is a controllable lighting solution designed to save time and money on installation, significantly lower energy consumption, and reduce payback periods.

DEMANDflex™ ballasts are high-efficiency program-start ballasts with the flexibility to be tuned at the circuit level to set power levels during initial installation. When combined with DCL® controls, they are part of the most cost-effective lighting energy management system available.

DCL® System Controls put you in command of your lighting energy costs. Reduce lighting power levels by up to 50% through a variety of control options. Incorporate scheduling and load shedding lighting strategies to reduce peak demand charges.

Integrate DCL® controls with other energy management controls for additional savings from daylight harvesting to occupancy sensors. DCL® systems can be controlled from a local building management system or networked for control over the internet for demand response lighting control.

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1 comment to LCA TV: Universal Lighting Technologies Creates Video Demonstrating DCL Technology

  • C.M. Ludwig

    As described in the LCA TV video this technology from Universal Lighting Technologies looks very interesting. I feel that Universal has always been a leader in lighting equipment. It is however unfortunate that the right hand portion of the video clip explaining this new technology is not visible in the attached demonstration video. I could not find a means to shift the video or enlarge it to full screen or othrwise get the entire message to display on my monitor. You may want to address and clerify this issue if it is not just me.

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