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LCA TV: PLC Multipoint R Series Bantam Lighting Control Panel

This short video, produced by the Lighting Controls Association at the 2011 LIGHTFAIR event, introduces the building industry to Bantam, an 8-relay, all-in-one lighting control panel by PLC Buildings, a division of PLC Multipoint.

The Bantam comes standard with 8 relays, 8 switch inputs, an astronomical clock and keypad programming. The panel also comes standard with 4 analog photosensor inputs and Micro SD card.

The Bantam is designed specifically for small buildings with up to 8 lighting zones, which can be used for interior offices, retail spaces and lobbies as well as exterior parking lots and courtyards. Interior lighting can incorporate after-hours overrides with timed sweeps or with sentry type line-voltage switches. Exterior lighting can use an astronomical clock, dry contact or analog photosensor inputs.

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