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LCA TV: Philips Ledalite Jump Lighting

This short video, produced by the Lighting Controls Association at the 2011 LIGHTFAIR event, introduces the building industry to Jump Lighting by Philips Ledalite.

Jump is a new portfolio of high performance direct luminaires that integrate daylight harvesting with the latest in light emitting diode (LED) or advanced fluorescent light sources. With more than two-thirds of today’s commercial buildings still using outdated lighting technologies, Jump offers building owners enhanced energy-efficiency without compromising on light quality.

Jump delivers optimal lighting distribution, consistent color and exceptional system performance for commercial applications such as office, education, library, health and retail spaces. Its unique LEDLOGIQ™ design approach to LED features MesoOptics holographic nanotechnology, which makes spaces more visually comfortable by optimally blending light and color, controlling high angle glare and creating a precisely-controlled batwing distribution, while concealing the light source. In addition, Jump features integrated Response™ daylight harvesting sensors that can extend LED sustainability benefits by further reducing energy consumption up to another 35 percent.

Available in a wide variety of light sources, patterns, colors and mounting options, the Jump portfolio also features an easy “plug and play” installation that simplifies maintenance, upgrades or replacement. The LED option has an expected life of 60,000 hours and carries a 5-year guarantee on the entire luminaire system (fixture, driver and LEDs).

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