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HUNT Dimming Launches Simplicity® LED Controller

HUNT Dimming Launches Simplicity® LED ControllerHUNT Dimming, the Fort Collins, CO-based lighting control manufacturer and technology development company, has announced the introduction of its Simplicity® LED Controller for use with selected state-of-the-art LED drivers and lamps.

“Continuing our development of control technologies for light emitting diodes is a natural extension and in keeping with our corporate strategy of expanding our Simplicity® brand in the lighting market,” noted A. J. Glaser, President of HUNT Dimming. “Our Simplicity® LED Controller provides a simple, yet powerful solution for infinitely variable control of high-end LED applications provided by various manufacturers. This latest product introduction joins our Simplicity® 0-10VDC line of controls which may be used in some LED and other applications.

“It is important to understand that control technologies in the lighting industry are becoming paramount to the light source rather than ancillary. The control of the lighting system creates the mental image and subsequent experience remembered by the user. Control is where much of the lighting value is added,” said Glaser.

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