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Hubbell Lighting Brings Bluetooth to Outdoor Lighting

Hubbell Lighting recently announced the first outdoor LED luminaire that is controlled using Bluetooth technology—Kim Lighting’s LightVault 8. The solid brass fixture, which features leading-edge LED optics, uses high-speed Bluetooth technology to enable field aiming and dimming.

LightVault 8 is available in spot, wall-wash and narrow flood in-grade applications; multiple color temperatures; up to 2,500 lumens output; and flat-lens, half-shield, eyeball, rock guard and directional marker-style housings. In addition to custom dimming and aiming using a Bluetooth-enabled iOS or Android device using Kim Lighting’s LightVault 8 app, the light distribution can be customized using optional hex louver, prism lens and spread lens filters.

The Bluetooth-enabled LightVault 8 expands Hubbell Lighting’s collection of wireless lighting control solutions that also include Hubbell Building Automation’s wiHUBB for indoor and outdoor applications and their newest offering wiSTAR for interior occupancy and daylighting control.

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