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Hubbell Building Automation Puts Wireless Lighting Control on the EnOcean Standard

Hubbell Building Automation recently announced its membership in the EnOcean Alliance. By becoming a participant member in one of the fastest growing technical alliances, the company has released its wiSTAR Wireless Lighting Controls, based on energy harvesting wireless technology from EnOcean.

The wiSTAR product line includes batteryless occupancy sensors, light switches, photocells, a key card switch and load control modules incorporating EnOcean’s energy harvesting wireless technology. The switch and sensor products work completely without batteries, powered only by energy converters, which make them maintenance-free.

All wiSTAR products use the new 902 MHz frequency, which EnOcean has recently introduced to the North American market for its self-powered wireless technology. It offers greater range and robust performance enabling lighting control with reliable, long-range wireless and batteryless communication.

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