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Hubbell Building Automation Introduces wiSCAPE

hubbell-1wiSCAPE(TM) by Hubbell Building Automation® is a Wireless Street Lighting Controls Solution that enables utilities and municipalities to manage, monitor and meter each individual streetlight throughout the city.

wiSCAPE uses a combination of luminaire modules and gateways to create a secure peer-to-peer, self-organizing and self-healing mesh network infrastructure. Whether it’s two modules in an alleyway or thousands of modules across the city, wiSCAPE is scalable for any street lighting need.

hubbell-2wiSCAPE Performs Every Function Municipal Engineers and Control Electricians Are Looking For:

* Individual Streetlight Control
* Input From Motion and Photo Sensors
* Standard and Astronomical Time Clocks
* Graphical System Management Software
* Alarms and Notifications
* Modular and Expandable
* Updateable Over the Air

Click here to learn more (brochure, PDF).

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