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Hi-Lume® LED Lutron Dimming Options Now Available for Prescolite Specification LED Downlights

For advanced dimming capabilities, Prescolite’s premium downlights – D4LED4, D6LED3 and D6LED4 – are now available with Lutron’s high performance dimming options.

According to Ron Newbold, Vice President of Brand Management for Prescolite, this new offering is an alternative to the traditional – and limited – options that are available for dimming interior spaces with high ceilings. High intensity discharge lights (HID) aren’t easily dimmable and often have issues when cycled on/off due to their need to cool down during restriking, while inefficient T4 quartz lamps don’t last long and radiate a tremendous amount of heat. Also, it can be difficult to change a T4 quartz lamp that may sit above multiple rows of seats in settings that feature high ceilings.

Prescolite’s configurable optics produce center beam power (up to 11,000 CBCP) ideal for higher ceiling applications. Combined with Lutron LED dimming options, D4LED4, D6LED3 and D6LED4 fixtures offer the perfect solution for dimming capabilities in a wide variety of environments. And with a life of 50,000 hours, these fixtures are virtually maintenance free.

Hi-lume® LED Lutron dimming options for D4LED4, D6LED3 and D6LED4
Designed as a superior product to T4 quartz lamps, Prescolite’s LED downlights offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Spot (180), medium (250), flood (350), or wide flood (450)
  • 70, 80, and 90 CRI options
  • A variety of color temperatures (2700K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K)
  • Premium glare control
  • Energy savings

Lutron’s high performance Hi-lume® LED drivers dim smoothly and continuously to one percent. Additionally, they guarantee seamless compatibility with a wide variety of Lutron control options such as:

  • Digital controls including EcoSystem, Grafik Eye QS and Quantum
  • Analog controls including any standard Lutron 3-wire dimmer or GP series control panel

“We are excited to offer this powerful combination to lighting designers and specifiers in the industry,” said Bart Manguno, OEM account manager for Lutron. “Prescolite’s premium downlights with Lutron’s high performance dimming offers a sophisticated control system for a variety of interior spaces.”

For more information about Hi-lume® LED Lutron dimming, visit

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